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OUTPUT 1: Research Report on Current Needs of Adult Educators Working with Refugees

This study and guide deals with the needs and analyzes of trainers and target groups involved in changing needs and crisis scenarios. With these analyzes, which have been prepared up-to-date, the trainers will determine what kind of procedure they will perform during their training. The results of the survey and their analysis in the guide can be examined in detail.

International Report IO1 GR

International Report IO1 EN

International Report IO1 BG

International Report IO1 IT

OUTPUT 2: Training Manual

The training guide is a forward-looking training guide that the project partners come together to create with their own organizations and project experiences. This guide describes the theories, stages of implementation, and outcome analysis of training in adult education with articles and graphics. In the training guide, it is aimed to conduct the trainings in a high quality by analyzing the scenarios that can be realized during these approaches by the characteristics of the trainer, the types of training and the participatory approaches.

The manual has been created in 6 different languages. For further implementations of your training please download the PDF file by clicking on it.

Training Manual IO2 EN

Training Manual IO2 BG

Training Manual IO2 IT

Training Manual IO2 GR

Training Manual IO2 TR

Training Manual IO2 MK